and Petrochemical

Hiter Controls provides complete process control solutions for the Chemical and Petrochemical industries. Our wide range of control valves covers the most diverse applications in the industry

In the Chemical industry, valves in special alloy materials such as Hastelloy or Monel are available for use in corrosive processes. We also have valves with castles equipped with integrated bellows, preventing leakage to the environment ideal for use in hazardous or corrosive fluids. Globe type valves for use in low flow with micro CV, typical in chemical dosing applications.

Hiter also has control valve solutions for the most diverse processes in the Petrochemical industry. Our globe valves, which are available in the pressure class up to 2500 #, were developed with special trim for solutions against Cavitation and High Noise, in addition to being able to be manufactured in different materials to meet the specific need of the application.

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