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When it comes to control valves, Hiter is the most respected industrial company in the Brazilian market.

Our more than 50 years of experience in developing special control solutions in Brazil allows us to develop products that deliver results with reliability that our customers require.

We offer a complete range of valves and actuators, with the most diverse variations of materials and accessories that can meet the most severe conditions.

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Hiter - vávulas série 85 - duas vias

Globe Valves

Hiter globe valves provide excellent sensitivity, precise control and easy adjustment, with very reduced weight and size.

Hiter - vávulas rotativas

Rotary Valves

Rotary valves have a more compact design when compared to Globo valves and therefore offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio for large diameters.

Hiter - dessuperaquecedores de vapor

Steam Desuperheaters

The steam desuperheaters have been developed to carry out precise and economical control of the temperature through the injection of cooling water in the steam pipe.

Hiter - vávulas VCVB-1

Steam Conditioning Valve

The Hiter conditioning valve is an efficient solution for the correct control of the flow speed for the control of pressure reduction, meeting the most severe temperature conditions.

Hiter - vávulas série FE

Emergency Shutoff Valves

Provides emergency closure in tanks or pipes, blocking the flow quickly in case of pressure change, fire or other emergencies.

Hiter - vávulas Série RC

Reducing Valves

The self-operated reducing valves are designed to relieve and reduce pressure in lines of steam, water, oil, air, gases and other fluids.

Hiter - vávulas e atuadores


Used to drive control valves with linear or rotary displacement in modulating or blocking control systems. They can be of the type Diaphragm, Piston or Servomotor.