and Paper

When it comes to reliability and productivity, control valves play an important role in any process control loop and are essential to the overall performance of processes in the pulp and paper industries.

Hiter Controls valves guarantee efficient processes during the various stages of the pulp and paper manufacturing process, as well as a complete solution for the Steam and Condensate applications that are an important part of the manufacturing and energy recovery process.

Segmented ball valves for weight control or other applications, Eccentric plug valves and high performance butterfly valves are typical in the manufacturing process. Steam desuperheaters are also a very important item, as they are used to control the temperature of the steam in the drying process.

An important part of this industry is in the generation of energy through the steam generated by the recovery boiler in which there is a demand for several control valves for severe application, normally high pressure globe valves with special anti-cavitation or low noise trim, as well as valves steam pressure reducers, steam conditioning valves and steam desuperheaters. Hiter has extensive experience in solutions for these applications, having in its portfolio a complete line of products for these applications.

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