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Rotary Valves

INNOVATIVE AND ECONOMIC, rotary valves have a more compact design when compared to Globo valves and therefore offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio for large diameters. In addition, they offer greater flow capacity, high rangeability and superior sealing capacity.

14H Series

General features Concentric design Ideal for Control and Isolation Single Axis Expulsion-proof stem (Safety) Extended body neck, allows performance even with thermal / acoustic insulation Blue epoxy coating with 80 μm thickness Di ...

87B Series

With the concept of dislocation of the biexcentric disc to meet the required sealing classes, this valve was designed to offer superior  reability  during valve closing and opening in both directions of flow. Requires shorter installation time, less maint ...

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VT-N Series

Double bearing segmented ball valve and self-adjustable control valve designed for acurate and reliable control over a wide range of fluids such as steam, liquid and gas applications. It is a simple and economical alternative for control solutio ...

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VTH Series

General Features VTH Series is a segment valve  used in liquid, gas, steam control applications. Segment control valve type with double bearing and self-adjusting seat, designed for  a acurate and reliable control, in a wide control range for ...

RTC Series

This valve combines high quality and long service life. Its triple-eccentric design provides zero leakage and applicability in critical processes with higher pressures, load losses and temperatures. It is the best option for critical blocking that require ...

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RPH Series – Eccentric Rotating Plug

Control valve with eccentric rotating plug and self-alignment features at the moment of contacting the seat, which provides tight shutoff under low acting torque. This valve is designed to meet differential pressures up to 50 barg. Its eccentric plug prov ...

Série 87H

General Features DN 50 - DN 1800 (2 ”–72”) Eccentric Double Design Isolation and Control Application Two pieces split stem High cycling More efficiency with less weight Easy repair and maintenance Easy installation Max. Vacuum ...

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