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Globe Valves

HIGH TECHNOLOGY AND RELIABILITY, Hiter globe valves, provide excellent sensitivity, precise control and easy adjustment, with very reduced weight and size.

Hiter - vávulas série 1000

1000 Series

1000 Series control valve are high quality valves, designed to provide excellent sensivity, fine control and easy adjustment. Available with sizes up to 24”, diverse body design, materials and high pressure rating. .

Hiter - vávulas série 2003

2003 Series

Pressure reducing valve for use in gases or steam, used in severe services to prevent vibration and erosion, especially at boilers start up. Outlet diameter larger than inlet diameter, providing speed control in applications with high pressure differentia ...

Hiter - vávulas série 85 Criogênica

85 Series Cryogenic

Designed with extended bonnet for applications in cryogenic services, it has an extended bonnet. This valve recognized for its rigorous accuracy and maximum stability.

Hiter - vávulas série RPH

3 Way Port 85 Series

Three way control valves for diverse industrial media characterized by its simple and robust construction, used for diverging or converging service, allowing precise and stable control.

Hiter - vávulas série 900-3 Vias

3 Ways Port – 900 Series

Series 900 control valves combine high quality, extreme sensitivity and precise control and have been specially developed to efficiently control the flow of various types of fluids under different pressure and temperature conditions, in numerous types of ...

Hiter - vávulas série 86

86 Series

Globe valve with quick opening trim, applicable for periodic bottom blowdown of boiler drums. Can be supplied with spring return actuator supplied with lever for manual operation.

Hiter - vávulas série 90 - microfluxo

90 Series -Microflow

​Válvula de controle tipo microfluxo para baixas vazões, com obturador de contorno, guia superior. Adequada para aplicações de alta performance que requerem materiais especiais a partir de barras laminadas. Excelente opção para fluidos aditivos e plantas ...

Hiter - válvula série Revel

Revel Series

Ideal for severe services of clean fluid with high differential pressures. It is a pressure-reducing valve, which incorporate a high technology labyrinth system. It is the best option for pumps recirculation, superheated steam reducing stations and ant ...

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