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Steam Desuperheaters

SIMPLICITY AND ACCURACY, the steam desuperheaters have been developed to carry out the precise and economical control of the temperature through the injection of cooling water in the superheated steam pipe.

Hiter - válvulas série DA

​DA Series

​DA Series Desuperheater is basically composed of an actuator and a control valve which introduce finely atomized and rotating spray of water into steam flow. It is operated by a standard spring return pneumatic piston actuator.   They are often used to c ...

Hiter - dessuperaquecedores de vapor

DAB Series

Multi-nozzle steam desuperheater designed to operate with large spray water flows. The condensate or spray water flow is controlled by a control valve. The high speed at the outlet of the nozzle guarantees a fine atomization, which provides fast evaporati ...

DAC Series

Compact desuperheater designed to operate with low spray water and high condensate flow in steam lines. It has a Venturi type orifice, which provides excellent steam desuperheating efficiency. They are widely used for steam desuperheating in various indus ...

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